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Formal Portrait Photography

Jeff Gowlett's Formal Portrait Photography service extends to many different styles of Portrait Photography not normally classified as Formal. Examples are:

  • Corporate Profile Portrait Photography
  • Commercial Portrait Photography
  • Formal and informal Family Portrait Photography
  • High School Formals
  • High School & University Graduation Photography
  • Modeling Portfolios

Formal Portrait Photography is important in the process of establishing who you are and the importance of the role you have acquired.

Formal Portrait Photography

Corporate Profiles

Company Executives that need photographs for the company website or annual report, need to to be established as the most important people of their company. Formal Portrait Photography is an important part to establishing that link. Jeff Gowlett has spent a lot of time consulting with large corporate companies and understands the need for clear Formal Portraits that convey leadership.

Commercial Portraits

A Commercial Portrait is a portrait of a company figure in a non-formal setting. For example: If you were the "face" of a children's birthday party company, you wouldn't have a Formal Corporate Photograph as your image to the general public (although you may use a Formal Corporate Portrait for your annual report), you need Formal Portrait Photography that envisages fun, excitement, friendliness, and above all - trust.

Family Portraits

Your family is important, they provide stability and comfort to you for your entire life. Jeff Gowlett understands the importance of family and can help capture that importance in your Formal Portrait Photography. Jeff Gowlett is able to travel to any location on the Sunshine Coast, but suggests family portraits to be taken in your own family home.

High School Formals & Graduations

Jeff Gowlett can tailor a package for your school or university's formal functions. Your Formal or Graduation is an important part of your life. It signifies the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Jeff Gowlett offers a full service catering for individuals or the entire education facility including informal portraits during the event, award reception, and on arrival Formal Portrait Photography.

Modeling Portfolios

If you are an artist whether a Model for print campaigns or an actor needing photographs for your portfolio, Jeff Gowlett can help create the portfolio you need. A variety of photographs are needed for your portfolio and Jeff Gowlett is happy to contribute to your project. However, it is important for each model / actor to show diversity - that can only be obtained from a combination of photographers. Models or Actors that buy "Portfolio Packages" from photographers will only obtain one "style" of Formal Portrait Photography. It is therefore important to use multiple photographers to obtain your unique portfolio.



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